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LG K10 (2017)
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Something wrong with your LG K10 (2017)? We do a wide range of repairs, from screen replacement to charging ports, most on the same day, unless we let you know otherwise when you book it in.

If you’ve an idea of what’s wrong with your device and it’s on our list of issues, we can fix it. If it’s not, or we don’t list your handset model or device, we can probably still fix it. Either way, please give us a call or drop into the shop for expert help and advice.

Visit the Hex experts at 14 Home Street, Edinburgh with your LG K10 (2017) or call us on 0131 221 1117

K10 (2017) LCD Screen Repair

With most devices now featuring touchscreen technology, the screen of your K10 (2017) is now a vital part of your phone. We can easily repair a cracked or broken screen with top quality LG parts from stock, most often the very same day. Unlike some repair centres, we don’t just replace the glass as dust can collect behind it creating a potential heat hazard, or it can move around on the device. We make sure everything is fixed and working properly so you can swipe and tap again with confidence.

K10 (2017) Lens Repair

Your K10 (2017) phone often acts as your way of recording all you get up to, so a broken lens is something you want fixed ASAP. We stock an extensive range of top official quality LG parts so we can have you snapping and posting pics again in no time.

K10 (2017) Earpiece Repair

If they can hear you but you can’t hear them, chances are the earpiece on your K10 (2017) needs repaired. We can usually fix the problem the same day from our vast stock of LG parts so you won’t be silent for long. Hear, hear!

K10 (2017) Back Camera Repair

Phones are so much more than just phones: they double as cameras to catch fleeting fun moments in our lives. So it can be a real pain if the back camera on your K10 (2017) phone isn’t working. We’ll check it over and repair anything that’s broken with official LG parts from stock to have you snap happy again in no time.

K10 (2017) Front Camera Repair

The front camera on your K10 (2017) gets used as much as the back one with the craze for solo or group selfies. If you’re not in the picture with your phone, there may be a fault with the camera. We’ll give your phone a technical check and repair the front camera if required using parts from our official LG range. You’ll soon be ready for your close-up again.

K10 (2017) Software Repair

Phones these days have as much on them as computers so you may encounter software issues with your K10 (2017) device. Our technicians will assess what’s wrong and make any necessary repairs to have your phone back to full performance as quickly as possible.

K10 (2017) Services and Accessories

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As well as providing a care and repair service for your K10 (2017), we stock a range of accessories to help you make the most from your LG device. Come in sometime soon for a browse.

K10 (2017) Unlocking

If you’ve got a second-hand or refurbished K10 (2017) mobile, we have the in-store facility to unlock it for you. We carry out history checks on your phone too to ensure it’s not part of an insurance claim or reported lost or stolen. As with the refurbished phones we sell, we offer a Certificate of Authentication from CheckMend to state that your phone is legitimate.