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Why is there no Wi-Fi on my mobile phone?


For many phone users, having mobile Wi-Fi is nothing short of a necessity.

It’s no wonder then that not being able to connect to the internet can be an immense source of frustration. Wi-Fi saves using data (and therefore money), and with so many places offering hotspots and free internet, it’s normally relatively easy to access even when on the go. There can be a number of reasons your Android or iPhone isn’t able to connect, luckily many of which can be easily fixed from your handset. It’s simply a case of identifying the problem, and utilising the right tips and tricks to fix it.

What is causing the problem with your mobile Wi-Fi?

First, there are a few basic settings to check to make sure your mobile phone can access Wi-Fi:

  • Check your phone has not accidentally been set to “Airplane” mode, as this will block all reception including data and Wi-Fi.
  • Similarly in your settings, make sure your phone is set to receive Wi-Fi, and to identify available networks.
  • Make sure you have the password to the Wi-Fi you are accessing. If your phone is not set to automatically prompt you to join a new network, you may have to manually go in and enter this each time you want to access a secure connection.
  • Consider whether or not it is a hardware issue. Things like liquid damage can cause the Wi-Fi card to trip and short, preventing it from accessing the network. Similarly if the handset has been dropped, this can cause the antenna to disconnect, which will also impair Wi-Fi connection.

If nothing is wrong with your handset or settings, the issue may be with the network itself:

  • Check that your internet is working. Using your data, you can check whether or not there is a service disruption online, or call the number on your modem. Sometimes the fix is a simple case of resetting it, while in other cases, you may need to disconnect a few devices if many are using the internet at the same time.
  • If you live in an older building with thick walls, Wi-Fi may have difficulty connecting through them. You can buy a booster than will strengthen the signal and help your mobile phone access the internet, even when you’re not near the modem.
  • Consider other devices nearby that could be affecting the connection; things like microwaves in the kitchen, for example, can sometimes interfere with Wi-Fi.
  • “Forget the network” in your settings, and then ask to rejoin it. This will allow you to reconfigure your settings when you reconnect.

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How to boost mobile Wi-Fi

If you are finding that your Wi-Fi connection is sluggish or frequently disrupted, there may be some things you can do to improve it.

Firstly, make sure your phone has received the most recent software update. Mobile phones with an out-dated OS can experience disrupted performance, including where Wi-Fi connectivity is concerned. You may also be able to use a Wi-Fi booster app, although there is some discrepancy between experts as to the effectiveness of these. As an absolute last resort, you can reset the phone to factory settings, which will give you a chance to completely reset the mobile Wi-Fi settings. Of course, make sure you back up your phone before so you can restore everything once it’s back up and running.

At Hex, we can offer full diagnostics in store to determine what is causing the issue. We can carry out a thorough analysis of the handset to pinpoint the fault and find a solution. We also sell a number of related products, such as a wide range of Wi-Fi boosters, in store.