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Same day service – what’s the big deal?

If something has gone wrong with your mobile phone, time is of the essence when it comes togetting it fixed.

From water damage to cracked screens, issues with battery life, speakers or performance, there are many things that can happen and expectedly put your phone out of commission. Hex is an experienced phone shop in Edinburgh, and over the years we have helped a number of customers with rapid service so that they can receive their phones back as soon as possible. We are proud to offer same day repairs for many of our services, and there are many reasons we choose to do this…

The top reasons we offer same day service

  • These days, we use our smart phones for everything. Whereas in the past phones existed solely to make calls, today, everything from our banking to social media, calendars and email are on our phones. We know that when you have an issue with your mobile phone, it can disrupt every aspect of your social life, which is why we strive to fix it quickly.
  • Many people use their mobile phone for business. While others may use games, apps and music, for others, a smart phone is the key to business communication. We wouldn’t want to lose customers or miss out on a job because we couldn’t be reached via phone, and we don’t want this for you. We are proud to therefore help business owners get their communications back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • One of the reasons we are happy to offer same day service is, quite simply, because we can. Each member of the Hex team is highly trained, skilled and experienced when it comes to handling a wide range of issues on both iPhone and Android devices. We can offer on-site repairs at the hands of skilled technicians, so there is no need to waste any time sending phones away to be fixed. We have a vast selection of spare and replacement parts that can be easily installed, speeding up our level of service without evercompromising it. 
  • Most importantly, we are phone owners too. We have all experienced some issue or another with our phones, and we know all too well the disruption it can cause. We treat our customers as we would want to be treated, which is why we are proud to offer anything from same-day mobile phone unlocking in Edinburgh to water damage repairs, screen alterations and other repairs.

If you have an issue with a mobile phone, contact us to learn more about our award-winning same day service in Edinburgh.