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Powerbanks – how to give your phone an added boost

Being caught short with low battery when you’re out and about can be a real hassle – especially if you didn’t bring your phone charger with you.

Even if you did bring your charger, you may not be near enough to a plug socket to use it, or necessary able to stay in one place long enough to do so. If you travel often or use your phone a lot on a daily basis, running out of power has the potential to be a constant source of frustration. Luckily, a power bank for a mobile phone may be able to help.

What is a power bank?

A power bank is in effect a spare battery pack for your mobile phone.

It is an external charger that doesn’t need to be plugged into a power source to work; you can simply plug it into your phone using the USB or charger cable provided. The pack itself contains numerous small high-capacity batteries, which enable it to retain its charge without requiring frequent top-ups. Ideal for travellers, students, and really anyone that wants added peace of mind knowing they’ll never run out of power, this portable charger for a phone is useful to have for a number of reasons.

Benefits of a mobile phone power bank

The portable power pack needs to be charged at home before you take it with you, but the good news is it can retain this charge for up to months at a time. Even if you forget to power up, you can still use it charge your phone if you get caught unexpectedly with a battery issue on the go.

There are numerous different types made by several manufacturers, compatible with all major phone models including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Lumia. Some are available as a keychain, perfect for easy storage, while others feat neatly into a backpack or suitcase. Depending on the make, a mobile phone power bank can retain enough charge for between two and six full phone charges (depending on the make and manufacturer), especially handy for those who use their handsets a lot whilst out and about. And with different colours available, you can select something discreet that works with your current phone accessories to suit your preference.

If you are dependent on your phone for work, or find yourself using it a lot each day, a power bank is the perfect way to say goodbye to flat batteries for good. Not to mention that many models can be used on more than just mobiles – they can charge tablets and iPads, mp3 players, digital cameras, and just about any other compatible electronic device, providing excellent value for money. At Hex, you’ll find a wide range of power banks from leading brands, compatible with all the major mobile phone handsets and models.