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Manufacturer vs. third party mobile accessories – what’s the difference?

If there’s one thing that users love more than their mobile phones, it’s the accessories available to kit them out.

A study conducted by ABI Research has estimated that the smartphone accessory market will be worth $36 billion (USD) by 2017, having surpassed the $20 billion revenue mark in 2012. With a record number of cellphone users around the world, the third-party accessories market has taken flight. Today, many third-party accessories are as good as the OEM – if not better. At Hex, we have a large number of accessories from both original manufacturers and third parties, all of which reach the highest standards of quality and provide excellent value for money.

So when it comes to shopping for accessories, what do consumers need to know?

OEM vs. third party mobile phone accessories

If accessories are from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), this means the company responsible for making the phone has also made the accessories.

The products have therefore been developed to suit the technology and aesthetics of the phone, so you can have faith that something that looks nice won’t interfere with the performance of your handset.Third-party accessories, as the name suggests, are not made by the manufacturer. In many ways, these accessory providers have opened up the market to provide consumers with much more choice. Where third-party accessories have an advantage is being able to capitalise on aspects that have not been well received, and make improvements. There is also the capacity to find more products with design and flare from third-party creators. Things like mobile phone cases, hanging charms, and covers have been developed by numerous famous brands and designers, and so you can find a wide range of styles to suit your taste.

Other perfunctory accessories like Bluetooth speakers or in-car stands for smartphones are also available from both OEM and third party manufacturers, the performance of which depends largely on the make. Doing your research before buying electronics especially is important, as those that are poor quality may cause damage to your handset. You may wish to read user reviews online before selecting either OEM or third-party accessories, or speak to one of our advisors in store that can provide you with honest advice when it comes to choosing an accessory.

Visit Hex to find a wide selection of mobile phone accessories

At Hex, we have a large variety of mobile phone covers, cases, power cables, adaptors and other accessories made by both manufacturer and third parties.