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Liquid damage – what’s the worst that could happen?

According to Gizmodo, 900,000 phone owners dropped their phones down the toilet last year

This – water damage – is one of the leading causes of phone damage in the UK. When water gets into a handset, the minerals in the liquid can cause damage to the system, and similarly powering on a phone when wet can cause it to effectively short circuit. Water damage is one of the most common phone repairs we are asked to carry out, but before you call the experts, there are some things you can do straight away to reduce the damage

What to do if your phone has suffered liquid damag

If your smartphone has come into contact with water, there are some important steps to follow:

  • Act quickly! Remove your phone from the puddle or water source as soon as possible to limit the amount of liquid that gets inside.
  • Turn your phone off. Supplying electricity to a wet phone will cause a short circuit, so don’t think about turning it on or plugging it in. Tempting though it may be to see if it is working, doing this could in fact be the reason it never turns on again - not the initial water damage.  
  • Remove the battery if possible. If you are able, take the battery out of a handset. If you have a smartphone with a built-in battery (like an iPhone), it’s all the more important to come into see a technician as soon as possible to prevent damage.

It’s important to note that most phones have an internal water damage indicator that will change colour if the phone has come into contact with liquid. Therefore if you want to try and obtain a replacement, don’t tell tall tales about the source of the problem – a technician will be able to identify it almost immediately!

With Scotland being a rainy country, liquid damage is somewhat par for the course. Whether your handset has fallen prey to a single raindrop or full submersion in water, it is imperative to get it in to a specialist as soon as possible. Myths and urban legends abound on the internet, but nothing beats the advice of an experienced professional that can provide much-needed assistance.

Can damage caused by liquid be repaired?

Dropping a phone in a puddle or the toilet, or just having it in your pocket when you are cooking or in the bathroom when taking a hot shower, can expose the handset to liquid damage.

Whether or not we can repair a phone ultimately depends on the extent of the damage, and how much water the handset has come into contact with (e.g. a brief splash compared with full submersion in a puddle). This will determine whether there is superficial damage that can subside after a few days or weeks, or if a full replacement phone is needed. At Hex, we have repaired literally thousands of phones, and have a high average success rate. Some of our more interesting cases involve repairing a phone that was dropped in a pond, and a handset that went through the washing machine! We offer full diagnostics on site, and can assess the level of damage. We can carry out repairs, and cover the work with a 90-day warrantee for your peace of mind.