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iPhone, Android and Windows – A look at the top dogs on the mobile phone market

When it comes to comparing mobile phones, there is an overwhelming amount of choice.

The good news is, the mobile phone market has become something of an even playing field, with the gap in performance and price being closed with the release of each new handset from major manufacturers. However, this does make things a little harder for today’s consumer. Here, we compare three of the biggest names in the game today – iPhone (Apple), Android and Windows – and discuss some of the USPs of each.


Arguably a market leader for many years, the iPhone was one of the first smartphones to be available to the general public. These handsets can be used in conjunction with a wide range of Apple products like a Mac or an iPad, and have the widest variety of accessories and add-ons available. They are also incredibly popular – the latest iPhone release pre-sold out in record time. A large amount of this popularity can be attributed to the easy of use, user-intuitive interface, and the sleek design of the handset. Where the iPhone used to struggle to compete was price point, but after the introduction of the iPhone 5C, there is now a better range of large high-end handsets, and more affordable mobile phones. 

Android phones

TheAndroid phone has seen a substantial rise in popularity in recent years. This operating platform has a customisable user interface, and a more open operating system (OS), so it can be used across a number of different platforms. There is a wider range of handsets available across a greater budgetary span too, so there is something for everyday users through to programming enthusiasts. There is also a wider variety of apps available for Android phones, available through both the Google Play Store and elsewhere, enabling users to potentially do a lot more with their handsets.

Windows phones

Considered by many to be the new kid on the block, the Windows phone has made a veritable impact on the market. Between the sleek and fully customisable tile interface, the compatibility with Microsoft software, and the “assistant” feature Cortana (considered to be their answer to Siri), Windows phones are gaining a massive following among consumers. Considered to be somewhere in the middle of Android and iPhone, the Windows operating system is finding it’s way on to handsets of more and more manufacturers, including the hugely popular Nokia Lumia range.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the right mobile phone, a large amount of the decision process today is based on personal preference. At Hex, we have a number of handset and mobile phone accessories, along with a great deal of industry expertise and knowledge. Whether it’s your first smartphone or your fifth, our team can help you compare your options and opt for something that meets your needs. Pop in and see us today to learn more about our incredible selection of stock.