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How to make the most of your mobile phone battery life

When it comes to mobiles, a common complaint often involves smartphone battery life – or lack thereof.

Running out of battery quickly, experiencing a rapid drain in power (for example going from 100% to 40% in mere minutes), and batteries not retaining charge are all common gripes of today’s smartphone users. Even handsets with the most advanced batteries can experience issues, leading phone-owners to head into service shops to have the problem looked at by a professional. The good news is, this isn’t always necessary. There are some alterations you can make to the settings, along with the way you use and charge your phone, that can reduce the power usage and better it’s battery life. 

How to reduce the power consumption of your mobile phone

There are a few things you can change in your settings that can help prolong the battery life substantially:

  • Turn off apps that you don’t need or are not using. Many apps still run in the background even when closed, taking up precious battery life in the process. You can check which apps have processes currently running in your settings, and disable or turn them off to stop unnecessary wastage.
  • Turn off background refresh and location features. Again, these work away even when you’re not using your phone, and disabling them frees up smartphone batteries to power the things you actually need to use.
  • Dim the lights. While a bright screen and vibrant display is nice to look at, more battery life is required to power it. By adjusting the screen brightness, you can lessen the drain on your power.
  • Save your Bluetooth for when you need it. Fun though this feature may be, it is a big drain on your phone’s power. By turning off this feature (and disabling it from running in the background), you can conserve energy substantially.
  • Disable your 3G/4G when not in use. Even when you are in a Wi-Fi zone, your phone will still look for a network to connect to, which will drain the battery unnecessarily.

What else can you do?

There are a few other things you can do to help better the battery life of both Android and iPhone smartphones:

  • Keep it cool. Try to keep your phone out of hot cars and direct sunlight, as a hot battery will lose juice much faster than a cool one.
  • Charge it properly.Try to avoid wireless charging (see previous about over-heating), and ideally plug it into a wall to charge rather than a computer. Don’t leave your phone charged in all the time; keeping a battery at 100% full charge is not recommended. Rather keeping battery life between 50% and full is optimal.
  • Do one full discharge a month. Let the battery run down to 0% before plugging it in to recharge.

So how do you know if the battery is the problem? You can tell by just looking at it, as when a battery is malfunctioning, it swells in size. If you have a built-in battery, this can cause more problems, as it can potentially puncture other components inside the handset (which, in rare cases, can have extreme consequences! ß insert video link).

Not sure if your battery is the issue? Pop into Hex, and one of our technicians will take a look. We offer free battery testing on both old and new phones, to help determine the problem. You can find a wide selection of mobile phone batteries for sale at Hex, even for older handset models. We stock a huge range of batteries, and offer same-day installation and replacement while you wait.  We also carry powerbanks, a great solution to getting caught with little battery life while out on the go.