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How to choose mobile phones cases for protection and design

When it comes to selectingmobile phone cases, there are a great many things to take into consideration. 

While some are ideal for making a fashion statement, others provide high-impact security and protection. So what are the different options available, and what are the pros and cons of each? 

The case for hard cases 

There are many different types of hard cases, most of which are made from fitted metal or hard-backed plastic. These phone cases are ideal for both when the handsetis in use and when it’s stored in a bag or pocket, and offers excellent protection against scratches and chips. There is a wide variety of hard cases for just about every major smartphone model, made from both OEM and third-party manufacturers. At Hex, we have hardback cases for popular choices like iPhone and Android phones, and offer free installation if you need assistance fitting it without damaging your handset. 

The case for rubber cases

Rubber cases can be easily taken on and off, so they’re a great choice if you value design and like to change up the look of your handset often. Rubber mobile phone cases offer excellent grip and shock absorption, so they are also a smart choice for the slightly accident prone! Some come with a flip front, which can offer screen protection as well, while others feature a combination of rubber around the sides of the handset in conjunction with a hardback. 

For when you need heavy-duty protection…

There are some extra security phone cases available for those who require extreme protection for their handset. These are often popular with tradesman, construction workers, and anyone else that works in an environment that could heighten the risk of phones being dropped, scratched or broken. These can consist of heavy-duty hardbacks (such as an OtterBox), or even metal military grade mobile phone cases. 

For when you want stylish storage…

There are some barely-there temporary mobile phone coversthat provide basic protection for when the phone is not in use. Phone socks and skins come in a variety of materials, and some need to be removed for when the phone is actually in use. 

At Hex, we stock a huge variety of all of the abovemobile phone cases in Edinburgh, for a wide range of mobile phone handsets. We know that in many cases, end-users want a combination or style and substance when selecting a case that is going to provide them with long-term protection. That’s why we carry a substantial array of high quality, durable products that will help prevent damage if a phone is dropped, and even against everyday wear and tear. Our specialists can help you pick something and make suggestions based on your needs, and with affordable mobile phone cases starting at just ----, you can find something that fits your budget as well as it fits your phone.