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How does tempered glass protect my mobile phone?

With today’s smart phones being more advanced than ever – and more expensive – many users are examining protective options such as a mobile phone screen guard to prevent damage.

There are three main varieties of screen protectors - PET, Polyurethane, and tempered glass. The latter has gained popularity among consumers for a number of reasons, such as super shock absorption (as seen on numerous YouTube videos of users conducting a “drop test”), and the fact that the glass material doesn’t interrupt touch-screen capabilities. A tempered glass mobile phone protector provides all of this without compromising the image quality or resolution - so how exactly does it work?

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass, also called “safety glass”,is glass that has been specially prepared, treated and strengthened during manufacture, making it roughly four times tougher than regular glass.

The glass is “toughened” by the compression that takes place as it is made, created by a distinct heating and cooling process. The glass is heated to a specific temperature in an oven, and then cooled or “quenched” to remove the heat from the outer two surfaces of the glass (or the top and bottom). When the outside surfaces cool at a faster rate than the inside surface, this creates tensile stress in the middle. After being neutralised by compressive stress on the outer layers, the glass is ready to receive thermal finishing.

Edinburgh Tempered Glass Proctector for your Smartphone

Do I need a tempered phone glass protector for my screen?

A tempered glass protector is an excellent way to prevent cracks, chips, shattered screens and other damage.

Although it is tough, tempered glass is of course still glass, and can shatter depending on the impact. The difference is, it can withstand much more pressure, so everyday drops and accidents that can cause a regular screen to shatter may not have the same impact on a tempered glass mobile. Regular glass needs around 6,000psi to shatter, compared with the 24,000 psi needed to break tempered!

While these screen protectors cost slightly more than regular ones, the value is undoubtedly there for those looking for a great form of protection that doesn’t compromise performance. That said, tempered glass only protects the screen on the front of the phone. While this means your screen will be afforded some protection in the event of a fall, the back of the phone itself can still crack and break. In order to provide your smart phone with the best protection possible, consider investing in a full mobile phone protector case.

At Hex, we stock a wide range of tempered glass screen protectors, along with regular screen covers for all major smartphone models. Tempered glass covers are among our best-selling products, and with screen protectors starting at just £9.99, they provide exceptional value for money. And when you buy from Hex, one of our team will apply your screen cover absolutely free of charge.