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Mobile Repair & Unlocking Centre

Welcome to Hex

There are good reasons for trusting Hex to fix your mobile phone. We’re Edinburgh’s largest and longest-established mobile phone repair centre. We’ve not only got the know-how to check and repair your phone, we’ve also got most parts in stock. That means you usually have your repaired phone back the very same day, even handset screen replacements.When it comes to mobile phone repairs in Edinburgh, you get what you pay for and we know we offer amazing value for money as well as top technical expertise.

You’ll find us at our Tollcross store where we keep all the latest phone repair equipment and unlocking systems. We unlock more or less any mobile phone on the market, from familiar brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC to less known brands and models on the market like Huawei. We can also give your phone a health and authentication check to make sure it’s working as it should.

Our Services

Unlock your HTC phone, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Samsung or other mobile phone to let you use any SIM card, anywhere. We constantly upgrade our phone unlocking systems, so if we can’t unlock your mobile phone - no-one in Edinburgh can.

Scratched phone screen? Faulty speaker or microphone? Charging problems? Water damage? We can handle all repairs, no matter how difficult they might seem to you. Even other mobile phone repair shops in Edinburgh send us phones they can’t fix themselves.

Bring your phone to us at 14 Home Street, Edinburgh or call us on 0131 221 1133.

Phones Unlocking

Why unlock your phone? Here are the main benefits: • Don't be tied to one network • Enjoy free phone calls through network offers and promotional giveaways • Get better deals on rate plans by being able to shop around without needing to buy a new phone • Unlocked phones are easier to sell when you want to buy a new phone Is phone unlocking legal? Yes, unlocking your phone is completely legal. Don't worry! Is phone unlocking safe? Yes, unlocking your phone will not damage it. Again, no need to worry. To see if we can unlock your phone, use our quick search tool above, browse the Mobile Phone Unlocking section to find your brand and model of the phone, or simply call us on 0131 221 1133 or pop in to our shop at Tollcross, 14 Home Street, Edinburgh EH3 9LY.

Customer Care

Customer care Quality and care is at the heart of all we do, from parts andrepairs to warranties and after-sales. And if you fancy a change or an upgrade, we stock an impressive selection of mobile phones, both new and refurbished, as well as top-notch accessories and parts. We can also cut and adapt SIM cards and test mobile phone batteries for free. If it’s anything to do with mobile phones, we do it.

Expert hands

Your phone links you to your daily life (as well as your social life), so we can do most repairs and unlocks while you wait. All Hex technicians really know their stuff so your mobile device is in the safest of hands. What’s more, each repair comes with a 90-day warranty for added peace of mind.
strong>We also offer affordable, UK-based cloud storage so whatever happens with your devices, you can rest assured all they contain is in a safe place.

A greener outlook

If you’ve upgraded your mobile to the latest model, what happens to your old one? We can refurbish and sell your old phone or, if it’s past its best as a device, we can recycle it safely for you, too. We make good use of as many parts as we can and then forward the rest to recognised mobile phone recycling companies.